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GRiSP Research Solutions - PCR & qPCR, RNA Research, and Sample Purification

GK18.0500 - Exo/SAP Go - PCR Purification Kit, 500 reactions


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A high performance enzymatic PCR purification kit with a 15 minute protocol! This kit is fast, easy to use, and offers 100% Purification.

The Exo/SAP Go PCR Purification kit is comprised of Exonuclease I (Exo I) and recombinant Shrimp Alakine Phosphotase (rSAP) in an optimal molar ratio. Unused primers are hydrolyzed by Exo I, whilst rSAP dephosphorylates excess dNTPs.

Exo/SAP Go is designed to degrade dNTPs and primers in a single reaction tube in only 5 minutes. Both enzymes are subsequently removed by heat-inactivation and DNA is ready for sequencing in just 15 minutes.

No further treatment is required and recovery is 100%, even for very short PCR products.