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Mycoplasma Detection

25237 - e-Myco PLUS Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit, 48 tests


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48 x 20μl reactions

Detects 8 genus, 209 species

e-myco PLUS with triple checking system

  1. built-in internal control in every tube
  2. built-in sample (template) control in every tube
  3. separate gDNA positive control

Description: Mycoplasma is a common and serious contaminant of cell cultures. It has been shown that 30 - 87% of cell cultures are infected with Mycoplasma. In continuous cell cultures, contaminating Mycoplasma may grow slowly, not killing the cells outright but affecting various parameters, leading to unreliable results. Testing for Mycoplasma is an important and necessary quality control measure.

The primers used in this kit anneal to conserved regions of the Mycoplasma genome, allowing detection of all important species of Mycoplasma (including M. opalescens, M. arginini; M. fermentans; M. caviae, M. hyorhinis, M. indiense, M. orale, Acholeplasma laidlawii and many more - see User Manual). Mycoplasma contaminants can be detected simply as amplified fragments on a DNA gel; labeled probes are not necessary.

Each of the 48 e-Myco PLUS Mycoplasma PCR detection tubes (6 x 8-strips) contains all the required components (i-StarTaq DNA Polymerase, dNTPs, 1 x buffer and Mycoplasma primers) - you simply add your sample (DNA or cells) to each tube and run the reaction. NOTE: each 8-strip is individually vaccum-packed for long shelf life.

e-Myco PLUS Features:

  • High Sensitivity: The kit allows detection of 15 infected cells or 6.3pg genomic DNA
  • Simplicity: Detects all important species of Mycoplasma with a single protocol
  • Broad Detection Range: Use of primers which anneal to conserved regions of the genome allow detection of all important Mycoplasma species
    • 8 genus 209 species
  • Species Determination: You can determine the species of mycoplasma by sequencing the amplified products

The reliability of Mycoplasma detection in your cell cultures requires proper controls.
Now e-myco PLUS includes the triple checking system:trip

  • an internal control to reduce the chance of false negatives (in every tube)
    • artificial gene derived from human TNFα
    • same primers amplify internal control and sample
    • control (160bp) and sample (260bp) products differentiated by size
    • eliminates false negatives due to failed PCR
  • a sample control to test the integrity of your template DNA (in every tube)
    • primer set amplifies a 570bp housekeeping gene in your sample
    • validates the integrity of your sample preparation
  • a separate positive control to validate the assay (separate tube)
    • gDNA derived from M. fermentans infected K562
    • 260bp product (same as positive samples)
    • validates all aspects of the system