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DreamFect Stem stem cell transfection

ST30500 - DreamFect Stem


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Specific Transfection Reagent for Stem Cells

DreamFectTM Stem is an original, simple and efficient reagent developed specifically to transfect multipotent stem cells with high efficiency, low toxicity and superior transgene expression levels.

  • High transfection efficiency for multipotent stem cells
  • Minimal toxicity due to reagent biodegradability and low DNA amount required
  • Does not affect phenotype and differentiation potential
  • Serum compatible
  • Simple, rapid and ready-to-use

*Dreamfect Stem demonstrates high transfection efficiency

Several human stem cells transfected with 0.5 μg of pVectOZ-GFP plasmid DNA and 1.5 μL per well of DreamFect Stem reagent in a 24-well plate. Percentage of  GFP positive cells measured 48h post transfection by flow cytometry.

*Dreamfect Stem outperforms other transfection reagents

Human mesenchymal stem cells were transfected with 0.5μg of pVectOZ-GFP plasmid DNA and 1.5μl of DreamFect Stem or with competitors' reagent according to manufacturers' recommendations. Transfection efficiency was monitored by flow cytometry.

Rapid and easy-to use

  • Mix 3μl of DreamFect Stem transfection reagent per μg of DNA
  • Incubate 20 min at ambient temperature
  • Add the complexes to your cells growing in complete medium

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