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Whole Genome Amplification Kits

New! One Step WGA Kits
108725 WGA Kit, 25 reactions $445.00
108750 WGA Kit, 50 reactions $644.00

Whole Genome Amplification Kits

BIORON´S One Step WGA Kit, developed and produced at BIORON GmbH, is an improved version of the DOP (degenerated oligo PCR) with optimized primer sequences and BIORON’s unique SD Polymerase. This enzyme combines the strand displacement capability with heat stability up to 92 °C. Due to these features it is possible to use this enzyme for both amplification steps without additional pipetting or hands on time. The Kit contains everything that is necessary for amplification of human genomic DNA from single cells or low copy templates. Each Kit contains a 2.5x MM (Master Mix without enzyme); 10 U/µl SD Polymerase; human genomic DNA as positive control and PCR grade water.


  • Amplification finished in less than 2 hours
  • Different genomic amplification coverage than other enzymes
  • Long fragments up to 3 Kb
  • One Enzyme for the whole genome amplification
  • Single cell DNA analysis
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • SNP Genotyping
  • qPCR- and PCR-based mutation detection
  • STR and RFLP analysis
  • Array technologies (comparative genomic hybridization)