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GeneFix DNA Isolation Kits

DCU-50 - DNA Clean-Up Kit (DCU)



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The DNA CleanUp kit provides a valuable secondary isolation step to improve the purification profile of DNA from saliva and buccal samples that might have been contaminated due to poor sampling techniques. These types of samples often prove extremely challenging to reach the required purification parameters. They also may create added costs and time involved in having to potentially re-sample the patient. The DNA CleanUp Kit re-vitalizes and rescues these failed samples. It is extremely simple to use and has a fast protocol of only 30 minutes.


  • Re-claims failed purity samples
  • High Purity with 260/280 ratios to 1.8
  • Extremely rapid protocol of 30 minutes
  • No Alcohol or Solvents required
  • Sufficient for 50 x 100µl samples


  • Improve the purification profile of DNA from saliva and buccal samples that may have been contaminated.


  • TE buffer, 5ml
  • Lysis buffer, 2.5ml
  • SPN buffer, 5ml
  • DNA Rehydration buffer, 5ml