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CG064848 - Cellusponge-Galactose 6 mm / 48 disks (48 well plate) 1mm thickness


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3D Cellusponge

3D CelluSponge Features

  1. Simple and efficient cell seeding procedure.
  2. Hydrogel-based macroporous sponge. - Exclusive patent license. 
  3. Suitable for cell cryopreservation.
  4. Cells distributed well in the sponge pores and grow well.
  5. Compatible with well plate and insert.
  6. Appropriate spheroid size with prevented apoptosis in the spheroids center.
  7. Form functional spheroids within 24h post-seeding and remain stable at least 40 days. 
  8. Useful for various drug safety testing.
CelluSponge Series

  • 3D HPC (Hydroxypropylcellulose) scaffold
  • Designed for cells requiring no specific ligands and various cell lines
Cellusponge-Collagen (Cellusponge coating collagen)
  • Used in stem cells.
  • HMSC cells grew 14 times after 7 days and differentiate into neurons and glial cells after 14 days (usually it takes 28 days)
Cellusponge-Galactose (Cellusponge coating galactose)
  • Designed for hepatocyte cells, especially primary hepatocytes.
  • Hepatocytes formed 3D, functional spheroids after 1 day of seeding and the spheroids maintained stable for at least 40 days and up to 100 days.

Close-up of 48-well plate based thin sponge

Cell Types - Cellusponge Series

  • Cell scope - cancer cell lines e.g. MCF-7 & MDA-MDB, mouse fibroblasts NIH3T3, human foreskin fibroblast HFF
  • Applications - soft matrix for 3D cell culture, 3D tumor model
  • Cell scope - primary rat and human cryopreserved hepatocytes, hepatocyte cell lines HepG2, C3A, & Huh7.5
  • Applications - in vitro drug safety testing, 3D cell culture model for hepatitis virus infection and replication study, hepatocyte-like cells maturation in differentiation study.
  • Cell scope - mouse and human embryonic stem cells (mESC & hESC), human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC), cardiomyocytes
  • Applications - cardiomyocytes long term 3D culture, mESC & hESC & hMSC cells differentiation