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BriClone Hybridoma Cloning Additive

BRI Sample - BriClone Hybridoma Cloning Additive, Sample


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BriClone Hybridoma Cloning Additive

BriClone is an additive for the cloning medium used in the post-fusion stages of hybridoma cell cloning. 

BriClone has been specifically developed by the NICB's dedicated team to overcome common problems in the post-fusion period such as batch-to-batch variation of feeder cells, and competition between feeder cells and freshly-fused hybridomas for nutrients in the culture medium.


  • Increased efficiency in hybridoma production
  • No time-consuming preparation of feeder cells
  • Elimination of batch variation
  • No depletion of nutrients by feeder cells
  • Screened for mycoplasma contamination

BriClone is a conditioned medium collected from a proprietary human cell line that produces IL-6.  It is supplied in sterile frozen format in 100ml bottles.  Each batch of BriClone is tested for its ability to support the outgrowth of hybridomas from freshly fused cells and its ability to support the growth of hybridomas under conditions of limiting dilution.