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B- Box Blue Light LED Illuminator

VEO100 - B-BOX™ Blue Light LED epi-illuminator



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Why use blue light not UV light ?

1.UV light damages the DNA sequence
2.DNA electrophoresis mobility is reduced after exposure to UV light 
3.Cloning efficiency is reduced after exposure to UV light


SMOBiO's B-BOX™ is a long wavelength, blue light LED epi-illuminator. It is compact in design and robust in structure. Due to its non-UV light source, non-carcinogenic DNA/ Protein dye, and a low operating voltage of only 12 volts 
B-BOX™ epi-illuminator provides an unprecendented level of safety for users. 
B-BOX™ also comes with amber colored filter goggles and high quality non-flickering LED lights that are highly sensitive for DNA and protein dye. 
B-BOX™ can greatly ease the routine chore of gel extraction, enabling easy visualization and gel cutting even in bright ambient light. The Multi-angle filter plate provides optimal angles for gel cutting, visualization, and documentation. Finally, a built in barrier system built around the working area helps facilitate cleaning.


• Improved Cloning efficiency
• Compact, lightweight, and portable(less than 1 kg or 2lbs in weight)
• Safe, B-BOX™ features a blue light wavelength of 470nm that keeps its user safe from UV radiation
• Compatible with non-carcinogenic and non-ethidum bromide DNA staining dye
• User friendly: samples are easy to visualize (when using the filter plate or goggles)
• LED light source lasts up to 50,000 hours
• Superior detection sensitivity using ≤ 0.1 ng of DNA using FluoroStain DNA Fluorescent Staining Dye.
≤3 ng of protein when using FluoroStain Protein Fluorescent Staining Dye (as sensitive as silver stain)
• Adjustable and removable filter plate that allows for gel cutting, visualization, and documentation
• Built in barrier design for easy clean up
• Visible in bright ambient light
• Emphasizes minimal power reliance, low heat generation, with its own built in heat sink

Physical Specifications

Overall Dimension (mm): 201.4 x 200 x 38 (D x W x H)
• Viewing Area (mm): 158 x 96 (D x W)
• Wavelength of LED (nm): 470 
• Number of LED Unit: 72 Super Flux LED
• Power: DC 12 Volt, 0.72 Amp
• Electrical Requirements: AC 100~240 V, 50/60 Hz (Adapter)
• Weight (kg): 0.95 (Net Weight)
• Shipping Weight (kg): 1.0 (Gross Weight) – Adapter (0.5 kg) not included
• Material: ASA for Housing; Tempered Glass for Work Platform
• Dyes Recommended: 
 1.FluoroDye DNA Fluorescent Loading Dye 
 2.FluoroStain DNA Fluorescent Staining Dye for Nucleic Acid 
 3.FluoroStain Protein Fluorescent Staining Dye for Protein 
Accessories: Adapter, Multi-angle Filter, Goggles, Instruction Manual, Warranty Card