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Bench-Top Fermentors

F0102 - 2 Liter Bench-Top Fermentor "Complete"



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Our 2 liter fermentor unit is designed for easy bench-top handling. It is simple to use, practical, and economical. 

This fermentor unit has a capacity of 1 to 2 liters. Heating is provided by a strong heating element (100 W for 110 V version) and controlled by a calibrated relay connected to a high-quality platinum thermocouple. This allows precise temperature regulation (± 0.5°C). A variable control pump delivers air to the bubbler. For special gas mixtures, connections to cylinders are also possible. Each unit has a series of ports, all of which are sealed by a heavy-duty screw cap with a silicone washer or septum. The unit contains 2 air filters, one for inflow with silicone tubing and one for outflow, and a thermometer for direct temperature measurement. The unit also contains a large magnetic stir bar and long needles for taking samples through septa. The 2 liter fermentor fits into even the smallest of upright autoclaves. It is delivered with all essential components required for its use. Replacement parts are available separately.

Schematic drawing of 2 liter glass fermentor.


  • 1-2 liter capacity
  • Easy bench-top handling
  • Precise temperature regulation
  • Design saves space
  • Produces high yields and high culture density


  • 2 liter fermentor, complete system* 

*See manual for individual parts. For replacement parts, please contact us.