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F0310 - 100ml Bench-Top Fermentor "Complete"



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Our 100ml fermentor unit is designed for easy bench-top handling. It is simple, easy-to-use, practical, and economical.

Heating is provided by regulated water flowing through a glass envelope (external water bath). The water temperature is regulated by an external thermostat, allowing precise temperature regulation. Each unit has a series of ports, all of which are sealed by a heavy-duty screw cap with a silicone washer or septum. The unit contains 2 air filters, one for inflow with silicone tubing and one for outflow, and a large magnetic stir bar and long needles for taking samples through septa. The unit also includes a bubbler and a variable control pump, which can be connected for delivering air. For this application, a condenser is needed for the air outlet. The air pump and the condenser can be ordered separately. For special gas mixtures, connections to cylinders are also possible. The 100ml fermenter fits into even the smallest of upright autoclaves. It is delivered with all essential components required for its use. Replacement parts are available separately.

Schematic drawing of 100 ml glass fermentor.


  • 100ml capacity
  • Easy bench-top handling
  • Precise temperature regulation
  • Design saves space
  • Produces high yields and high culture density


  • 100ml fermentor complete system* 

*See manual for individual parts. For replacement parts, please contact us.