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DNA Markers

306000 - 100 bp DNA Ladder ready-to-use


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100 bp DNA Ladder Ready-to-Use

100 bp DNA Ladder is ideal for determining the size of double-stranded DNA from 100 to 1,000 base pairs. The ladder consists of ten DNA fragments. Nine fragments are the products of the restrictions of special plasmids by EcoRV and/or Rsal restrictases. 100 bp fragment is PCR products. Pfu DNA Polymerase was used for amplification. The 500 bp fragment is present at increased intensity to allow easy identification. All fragments are blunt ended.

DNA fragments length (bp):
1000, 900, 800, 700, 500 x2, 400, 300, 200, 100


Storage Buffer:
  • 10mM Tris-Hcl
  • pH 7.5
  • 1mM EDTA
  • 10mM NaCl
  • 6% glycerol
  • 0.05% Xylene Cyanol
Usage recommendation:
We recommend loading 5-6µl of the DNA ladder per line.