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Western Blotting

16032 - West-one Single Reagent Western Blot Detection System, 200ml


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This is the most convenient chemiluminescent Western Blot Detection System available. It consists of a single reagent in a convenient spray bottle format. You no longer have to mix reagent A and reagent B before processing your Western Blots. Just spray and expose!


  • Single reagent spray-on format
  • Rapid reaction time - specific protein detection in as little as 1 minute
  • High sensitivity - detect as little as 1-2pg of antigen
  • High resolution - West-one generates high contrast signal
  • Stable for more than one year


  1. Just spray WEST-one on the membrane (2 clicks)
  2. Incubate for just 1 minute
  3. Drain off excess detection reagent
  4. Wrap membranes and place in cassette
  5. Place an X-ray film on the membrane and expose

Sensitivity Test

Lane 1: 20ng BSA; Lane 2: 2ng BSA; Lane 3: 200pg BSA; Lane 4: 20pg BSA

Packaging: 200ml spray bottle; 500µl per click; 2 clicks per standard blot. Reagent contains luminol, H2O2, enhancer, and stabilizer.