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VeroFect Vero Cell Transfection

VF60000 - VeroFect Vero Cell Transfection Reagent


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Specific transfection reagent for Vero Cells 

VeroFect™ is a powerful reagent specifically designed for the transfection of Vero cells. This lipid -based transfection reagent is based on the revolutionary Tee-Technology and achieves up to 50-55% transfection efficiency.

  • Highly efficient
  • Simple, Ready-to-use and Rapid
  • Non toxic
  • Compatible with and without serum-containing culture media
  • Economical


Cationic lipids (lipoplexes) and polymers (polyplexes) are the most employed non-viral gene delivery systems. The Tee-Technology ( Triggered Endosomal Escape ) combines and exploits the properties of both entities to achieve extremely efficient DNA delivery into cells. Indeed, VeroFect™ belongs to this new generation of lipopolyamines; it contains a lipophilic part, like lipids, and a charged polyamine moiety. The association by electrostatic interactions of nucleic acids with the VeroFect™ reagent results in a tight compaction and protection of the DNA. Then, these positively charged complexes bind to cell surface and are taken up by endocytosis. Inside the endosomes, the hydrophobic property of lipids acts in synergy with the endosomes buffering capacity of the polycationic residues. It allows a very efficient destabilization of the endosomal membrane, release of large DNA amounts in the cytosol and DNA nuclear uptake. 

Principal Tee-Technology advantages are:

  • Compaction of DNA in nanoparticles efficiently internalized by cells
  • Protection of nucleic acids against nuclease degradation
  • Efficient membrane destabilization and DNA delivery
  • Highly efficient even with low amounts of nucleic acids

Highly Efficient

The complexes formed by DNA and VeroFect™ reagent have an exceptional capacity in destabilizing cell membranes, allowing the delivery of significant DNA amounts into cells. VeroFect™ was specifically designed to obtain highly efficient and reproducible transfection of Vero cells. Transfection efficiency exceeds most other transfection reagents.


Simplicity & Quickness

VeroFect™ is a simple and ready-to-use reagent.

Transfection is achieved in a 2-steps process: 

1 - Mix DNA and VeroFect™

2 - Add to your cells.


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One tube containing 250μl VeroFect, sufficient for 125 transfections with 1μg of DNA.