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TTP6 - TurboDoma Production Medium


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TurboDoma® Production Medium

The TurboDoma® nutrient mixtures comprise chemically defined, protein and peptide-free minimal culture media for the cultivation of several hybridomas and myeloma cell lines, including (but not restricted to) the authenticated and certified serum-free cell lines Sp2/0-TurboDoma, P3X63Ag8.653-TurboDoma and NS0-TurboDoma.

The TurboDoma media display the following characteristics

  • The media exclusively contain small molecules characterized by their CAS- and EINECS registry numbers
  • The media are free of proteins, peptides, and complex additives such as yeast extracts
  • The media are free of animal-derived components
  • The media are used for routine maintenance and cryopreservation of the cells (THP Medium) as well as for antibody production (TTP6 Medium)

The TurboDoma TTP6 medium is a fortified nutrient mixture for the production of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins with hybridoma and myeloma cells. TurboDoma medium TTP6 is typically used for batch, fed batch, and perfusion culture processes. This medium outperforms competitors' media in terms of both cell density and productivity when growing hybridomas generated with myeloma fusion partners such as SP2/0-Ag14, P3UI, and P3X63Ag8.653