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Magnetofection Magnetic Transfection


Magnetofection Magnetic Transfection

Magnetofection™ is a simple and highly efficient transfection method to transfect primary cells and hard to transfect cells. The principle of Magnetofection is to associate nucleic acids, transfection reagents or viruses with specific magnetic nanoparticles. The resulting molecular complexes are then concentrated and transported into cells supported by an appropriate magnetic field. 

Several optimized reagents have been designed for specific applications:

  • CombiMag – for use in combination with another transfection reagent to enhance efficiency
  • ViroMag R/L – for Lentivirus and Retrovirus transduction
  • AdenoMag – for Adenovirus and AAV transduction
  • FluoMag – fluorescent reagents (FC, FP, FV, FS)
  • LipoMag – associates DreamFect Gold with CombiMag

Magnetofection requires the use of a magnetic plate. We offer a 96-well magnetic plate, an 8 x 12 cm magnetic plate, and a 20 x 26 cm magnetic plate. Several reagents are also offered as kits with a magnetic plate included. See Magnetofection Starter Kits for these options.