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Magnetofection Starter Kits

KC30500 - Starter Kit with Universal Magnet: ViroMag


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ViroMag is a magnetic nanoparticles formulation designed to increase virus infection and transduction capacities. It is suitable for all viruses. Based on the Magnetofection technology, this reagent allows concentration of the complete applied dose of viral particles onto cells within minutes, inducing a significant improvement of virus transduction with extremely low vector doses. Due to its specific properties, ViroMag is ideal for infecting non-permissive cells. This reagent demonstrates an exceptionally high efficiency for promoting, controlling and assisting viral transductions. No molecular biology processes or biochemical modifications are required. 

The Magnetic Plate has optimized characteristics for Magnetofection. It measures 8 x 12cm.


  • Increases transduction efficiency
  • Accelerates the transduction process
  • Efficient for hard-to-infect and non-permissive cells
  • Concentrates viral dose onto the cells
  • Suitable for all types of viruses and mammalian cells
  • Synchronizes cells adsorption/infection without requiring modifications of the viruses
  • Magnetic plate included


  • Increasing viral transduction efficiency without Polybrene
  • Cell transduction with all viral vectors


  • ViroMag Viral Gene Delivery Reagent, 200 µl
  • Magnetic Plate, 8 x 12 cm