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Magnetofection Starter Kits

KC30800 - Starter Kit with Universal Magnet: NeuroMag


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NeuroMag is a Magnetofection transfection reagent for neurons from 1 DIV to 21 DIV. It has proven to be extremely efficient in transfecting a large variety of primary neurons such as cortical, hippocampal, dorsal root ganglion and motor neurons with all types of nucleic acids. High transfection efficiency was also achieved in primary astrocytes, oligodendrocyte precursors or neural stem cells and other cell lines. With the unique properties of NeuroMag, transfected neurons can be followed for several days.

The Magnetic Plate has optimized characteristics for Magnetofection. It measures 8 x 12cm.


  • Great efficiency; efficient from 1 DIV to 21 DIV
  • Ideal for primary neurons
  • Non-toxic; high transfected neurons viability
  • Ready-to-use, straightforward and rapid protocol
  • Can be used with all types of nucleic acids
  • Magnetic plate included


  • Transfection of nucleic acids and neural cells


  • NeuroMag Transfection Reagent, 200 µl
  • Magnetic Plate, 8 x 12 cm