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Miscellaneous DNA Vector Systems

V33402 - Standard Cloning Vector pUC119


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DESCRIPTION: pUC18/19 and pUC118/119:

The plasmids have a multiple cloning site within the lacZ alpha-fragment. Inserts cloned into this site disrupt beta -galactosidase activity and give rise to white colonies on X-Gal/IPTG plates. The plasmids encode resistance to ampicillin. Foreign DNA inserted in-frame with the lac Z gene will be expressed as a fusion protein (containing a portion of the beta-galactosidase) under control of the lac promoter. The promoter is inducible with IPTG and followed by an initiation codon as well as a ribosome binding site. pUC18 and pUC19 differ in their multiple cloning site orientation. pUC118 and pUC119 contain an additional M13 phage origin for single strand production.

PACKAGING: 25ug DNA in solution

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