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Miscellaneous DNA Vector Systems

V32602 - Standard Cloning Vector pAT153


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  • highest quality DNA prepared by
    • ion-exchange chromatograph
    • cesium chloride density centrifugation
    • gel filtration
  • preparations with over 80% supercoiling
  • ready-to-use for:
    • transformations
    • enzymatic reactions
  • competitive price!

pAT153 is a derivative of pBR322 where the bom (basis of mobility) site has been deleted. Thus pAT153 is non-mobilizable and is more readily contained than pBR322. Also in this 703 bp deletion was the region involved in copy number control; loss of this region gives pAT153 a 1.5 to 3-fold higher copy number. pAT153 encodes ampicillin and tetracycline resistance.

PACKAGING: 25ug DNA in solution