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Miscellaneous DNA Vector Systems

V32402 - Standard Cloning Vector pACYC184


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  • highest quality DNA prepared by
    • ion-exchange chromatograph
    • cesium chloride density centrifugation
    • gel filtration
  • preparations with over 80% supercoiling
  • ready-to-use for:
    • transformations
    • enzymatic reactions
  • competitive price!

pACYC184 encodes tetracycline and chloramphenicol resistance. Unlike most cloning vectors, which have ColE1 origins of replication, pACYC184 has an origin derived from p15A1. This allows pACYC184 to be maintained in a pBR322 or pUC18 transformant, for example. Such a double transformant is necessary where two recombinant proteins need to be expressed simultaneously.

PACKAGING: 25ug DNA in solution