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Competent E. coli Cells

CB-RMB90050-01 - SpreadEasy Plating Beads Single-Use Tubes, 50 tubes


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SpreadEasy Plating Beads are specifically designed for convenient, safe, and optimal plating of bacterial and yeast cells on standard agar plates.  The SpreadEasy glass beads have a consistent shape and diameter which ensures optimal plating efficiencies equal to or exceeding bent glass rods. The SpreadEasy Plating Beads offer the following benefits:

  • Sterile plating in just seconds
  • No need for glass rods and hazardous ethanol flaming
  • More uniform spreading = more colonies
  • Two choices:
    • single use tubes for 50 platings
    • dispenser bottle for 100 platings
  • Fastest and easiest way to spread cells on multiple plates simultaneously