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DNA Polymerases/SNPase

108220 - SNPase DNA Polymerase, Hotstart


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SNPase Hotstart DNA Polymerase

SNPase Hotstart DNA Polymerase is a Taq DNA Polymerase with an N-terminal deletion and proprietary amino acid substitutions introduced into the active center of the enzyme. This modification causes a dramatic increase in sensitivity to mismatches at the 3'-end of the primer. Consequently, non-perfect annealing of the primers does not result in non-specific amplicon formation. These properties make SNPase ideal for SNP detection by allele-specific PCR and micro sequencing.

SNPase Hotstart Features

  • High sensitivity to mismatches at the 3'-end of primers
  • High fidelity of dNTP and ddNTP incorporation
  • Lack of 5'- and 3'- exonuclease activity
  • High specificity, low level of background PCR

Applications for SNPase Hotstart

  • SNP-genotyping, allele-specific PCR, allele specific primer extension, mini sequencing
  • Highly specific PCR, including multiplex PCR
  • Highest fidelity PCR (for fragments below 500bp)
  • Real Time PCR with intercalating dyes

SNPase Hotstart Limitations

  • SNPase cannot be used in TaqMan assay due to lack of 5'-exo activity
  • SNPase cannot be used for effective PCR of templates longer than 500bp