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DNA Stabilization

SGC-50 - Simhelix Dri-Capsules (stabilizing capsules) for use with SK-1 Swabs, pack of 50 (without swabs)



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DNA stability on Isohelix T-Swabs has been well documented and allows for sufficient time for the swab to be returned to the lab within a short to medium period (up to 4 days) without undue breakdown of DNA. If however the swabs need to be stored for longer periods before being returned to the lab, then storage at -20oC or the use of stabilizing solutions (like the Simhelix DSK kits) provides long term stability. However if samples are being taken at remote locations then it may be the case that no freezer facilities are available, and that no trained laboratory personnel are available to add the stabilizing solutions.

The use of Simhelix Dri-Capsules offers a simple alternative to low temperature storage or addition of stabilizing solutions. After taking the sample and depositing the swab head in the collection tube, a Dri-Capsule is removed from its foil wrapper and placed in the tube above the swab (see below). Once the tube is securely sealed with one of the caps, the swab can be stored at room temperature for at least 5 months prior to extracting the DNA.