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DNA Isolation/Extraction

BEK-50/SK1 - Simhelix Buccalyse Rapid Buccal Cell DNA Isolation Kit 50 extractions (with SK-1 swabs)


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Rapid Buccal Cell DNA Isolation Kit

The Isohelix Buccalyse DNA Extraction Kit is a quick and simple one tube method for extracting DNA from buccal swabs. It has been specifically formulated to produce high DNA yield from buccal swabs and is supplied with Isohelix T-Swab Buccal Swabs.

  • Optimized to buccal cells
  • Fast handling times
  • No columns or filtration
  • No solvent based chemicals
  • Protocol integrated to buccal swabs
  • Manual or HT formats
  • Single tube method - fewer consumables used
  • 50 test kit supplied with 50 T-Swab buccal swabs

The protocol is fast and simple:

  1. Add swab to tube containing Buccalyse solution
  2. Rotate swab in solution and then remove swab
  3. Incubate 5 mins at 75oC in waterbath
  4. Incubate 2 mins at 95oC in waterbath
  5. DNA is ready for PCR