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3D Transfection

STF40000 - si3D-Fect


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si3D-Fect is a 3D transfection reagent specifically designed and developed for silencing gene expression in cells cultured on 3D Scaffolds. 

3D matrices not only add a third dimension to the cells' environment, they also allow creating significant differences in cellular phenotype and behavior. In this way, 3d matrices bearing complexes formed with si3D-Fect reagent and siRNa are colonized by cells to be transfected in a more natural environment. si3D-Fect reagent associated with 3D matrices allows numerous cell transfections in order to study tissue engineering, tissue regeneration, tumor invasion, neural differentiation, cellular polarization, tissue formation, colonization, and neurite growth. 

  • Highly efficient for gene silencing in 3D matrices
  • Ideal for any 3D scaffolws (sponges, matrices, inserts)
  • Dedicated to short nucleic acid sequences (siRNA, miRNA...)
  • Long term gene silencing
  • Universal (primary cells and cell lines)
  • Serum compatible
Perfect for all transfections applications in 3D scaffolds such as sponges, matrices, inserts:
  • Tissue engineering
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Tumor invasion
  • Neural differentiation
  • Cellular polarization
  • Tissue formation
  • Colonization
  • Neurite growth
RECOMMENDED FOR: Gene silencing of cells growing in 3D-scaffolds. 

siRNA Transfection in 3D Scaffold results
Figure 1: si3D-Fect allows efficient siRNA transfection in 3D scaffold: Collagen-derived scaffolds were loaded with 50nM of fluorescently labelled siRNA complexed to 8µL of si3D-Fect transfection reagent. Transfection efficiency on COS-7 and NIH-3T3 cells was observed by fluorescence microscopy after 48h.