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SelfMag Magnetic Delivery System

SA10000 - SelfMag-Amino Kit


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Innovative magnetic delivery system of molecules into cells

SelfMag kits, based on MagnetoFection™ Technology, allow you to create your own magnetic delivery system. These kits have been designed to couple your molecules of interest onto magnetic nanoparticles and to deliver them into cells by magnetic targeting. They can be used to transport proteins, peptides, peptoids, oligonucleotides, drugs, fluorophores, polysaccharides, antibiotics or any other molecules into living cells, or for targeting specific cells. The molecule of interest is covalently coupled by using the surface reactive COOH or NH2 groups of the magnetic nanoparticles. The resulting coupled magnetic nanoparticles are delivered intracellularly with a unique MagFectin reagent.

Two kits are available:
- SelfMag Carboxy Kit which contains COOH reactive groups
- Selfmag Amino Kit which contains NH2 reactive groups

SelfMag Amino Kit

For coupling molecules bearing a reactive carboxyl, sulfhydryl, or aldehyde group


Rapid and easy-to-use delivery system

1. Mix nanoparticles with your molecule of interest
2. Add the coupling reagent
3. Incubate at room temperature
4. Wash the coupled nanoparticles
5. Deliver the particles into cells with MagFectin

MagID Magnetic Isolation Device for coupling reactions and washing procedures

SelfMag Amino Kit composition

1. Magnetic nanoparticles (1 mL)
2. Coupling, washing / storage buffer and EDC
3. MagID: magnetic device for buffer exchange and washing procedures
4. MagFectin: magnetic nanoparticles delivery reagent
5. Super Magnetic Plate : specific magnetic field for intracellular delivery

Super Magnetic Plate for delivery into cells