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DNA Polymerases/SNPase

108000 - SD Polymerase


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SD Polymerase is a novel thermostable polymerase with a strong strand displacement activity, which is suitable for both LAMP and PCR methods of DNA amplification.

Activities: SD Polymerase has 5'-3' polymerase and 5'-3' strand displacement activities. It does not have any exonuclease activity. 

Thermostability: SD Polymerase is thermostable enzyme up to 93C. For denaturation step of LAMP or PCR methods, 92C is strongly recommended. Please find standard programs suggested in the manual.

Kit Content

SD Polymerase
Catalog Number
200 units
1000 units
1000 units
5000 units

SD Polymerase*
Reaction Buffer (10x)
1.8ml2 x 1.8ml2 x 1.8ml5 x 1.8ml
MgCl2 100mM1ml1ml1ml3 x 1ml
Datasheet 1111
*SD Polymerase Reaction Buffer, complete (10x), pH 8.9, with Tween-20 and BSA; please add MgCl2 to 3-3.5mM end concentration just before use; adding MgCl2 to the 10x buffer may precipitate at 4C storage

- LAMP - Strand displacement activity of SD polymerase is temperature dependent and increases with the temperature. Optimum for LAMP amplification is 62-68C. High thermostability of the enzyme allows carrying out LAMP with a DNA denaturation step (92C for 2 min). LAMP can be performed with 40-100units of SD Polymerase per 50µl.

- PCR - SD Polymerase is suitable for amplification of short (from 100 bp) and long (up to 20-30kb) DNA fragments from simple (plasmids) and complex (genomic DNA) templates without special optimization. In PCR applications, SD polymerase demonstrates higher yields, speed, and efficiency compared with Taq polymerase. We recommend 92C for denaturation steps and 68C for elongation steps of PCR. A hotstart version of SD polymerase is available, blocked by monoclonal antibodies.