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Professional Developer Packages

600 901 - Professional Developer Package LowCross Small



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This package is designed for immunoassay developers. The standard LowCross-Buffer formulation (LowCross CLASSIC) works well for many immunoassay applications. However companies developing commercial immunoassays may want to fine tune the assay to a very high standard. For this reason we offer the Professional Developer Package. In addition to LowCross CLASSIC, the package also contains LowCross MILD and LowCross STRONG, which are modified versions of LowCross. If LowCross CLASSIC is causing a decrease in the sensitivity of the assay, then LowCross MILD may be better suited to that assay. On the other hand, if LowCross CLASSIC is not removing all interference and matrix effects, then LowCross STRONG may be a better choice.

Professional Developer Package LowCross Small
125 ml LowCross CLASSIC
125 ml LowCross MILD
125 ml LowCross STRONG

LowCross-Buffer® CLASSIC: The standard formulation, proven and tested in many applications. Interference and matrix effects are minimised effectively in most immunoassays with this formulation. Quality of results is increased, sensitivity can be improved and reliable detection of very low abundance biomarkers now becomes a reality.

LowCross-Buffer® MILD: The LowCross effect is lowered compared to LowCross-Buffer® CLASSIC.

LowCross-Buffer® STRONG: The LowCross effect is enhanced compared to LowCross-Buffer® CLASSIC.