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600 902 - Professional Developer Package LowCross Large



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This package is designed for immunoassay developers. The standard LowCross Buffer formulation (LowCross CLASSIC) works well for many immunoassay applications. However companies developing commercial immunoassays may want to fine tune the assay to a very high standard. For this reason we offer the Professional Developer Package. In addition to LowCross CLASSIC, the package also contains LowCross MILD and LowCross STRONG, which are modified versions of LowCross. If LowCross CLASSIC is causing a decrease in the sensitivity of the assay, then LowCross MILD may be better suited to that assay. On the other hand, if LowCross CLASSIC is not removing all interference and matrix effects, then LowCross STRONG may be a better choice.

In addition to the three formulations of LowCross, this package also contains our two most efficient blocking solutions and the unique Liquid Plate Sealer to further optimize your assay.

Professional Developer Package LowCross Large contains:

125 ml LowCross CLASSIC
125 ml LowCross MILD
125 ml LowCross STRONG
125 ml Liquid Plate Sealer®
125 ml The Blocking Solution
125 ml SmartBlock™

LowCross-Buffer® CLASSIC: The standard formulation, proven and tested in many applications. Interference and matrix effects are minimised effectively in most immunoassays with this formulation. Quality of results is increased, sensitivity can be improved and reliable detection of very low abundance biomarkers now becomes a reality.

LowCross-Buffer® MILD: The LowCross effect is lowered compared to LowCross-Buffer® CLASSIC.

LowCross-Buffer® STRONG: The LowCross effect is enhanced compared to LowCross-Buffer® CLASSIC.

Liquid Plate Sealer®: Liquid Plate Sealer® is desigend for stabilising coated ELISA plates and seals them after immobilisation of the antibodies/antigens and saturation. Plates treated with Liquid Plate Sealer® can be stored for long periods after drying or for shorter time periods under moist conditions.

The Blocking Solution: The active constituent of The Blocking Solution is based on a chemically modified, highly purified casein. During the manufacturing process, fragments of different molecular weights were generated. This leads to significantly reduced background and improved sensitivity of the assay.

SmartBlock™: SmartBlock™ prevents in many assays nonspecific and unwanted binding to surfaces. SmartBlock™ represents for many assays an excellent alternative compared to BSA-based blocking solutions. Problems of interactions and cross reactivities arising from BSA, which is present in many blocking solutions are a priori avoided by the use of SmartBlock™, as it is devoid of serum proteins such as BSA.

Liquid Plate Sealer and LowCross-Buffer are registered trade marks of CANDOR Bioscience GmbH.