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Magnetofection magnetic transfection

PN30000 - PolyMag Nucleic Acid Delivery Reagent


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PolyMag utilizes MagnetofectionTM technology to provide a powerful and universal transfection reagent.

What is Magnetofection?
This method associates DNA with magnetic nanoparticles coated with cationic molecules. The resulting molecular complexes are then transported into cells supported by an appropriate magnetic field. Magnetofection exploits magnetic force exerted upon gene vectors towards, possibly even into, the target cells. In this manner, the complete applied vector dose gets concentrated on the cells within a few minutes so that 100% of the cells get in contact with a significant vector dose. Inspired by the validated and recognized magnetic drug targeting technology, this innovative method is a revolution for transfection and infection.



PolyMag is applicable to all nucleic acids and a wide spectrum of transfection conditions. The universal and powerful PolyMag formulation allows you to achieve very high transfection efficiency. It is composed of magnetic nanoparticles coated with cationic molecules. Polymag has been successfully tested with:

  • All types of nucleic acids: plasmid DNA, RNA, siRNA, ODN, etc...
  • Cell lines, primary cultures, hard to transfect cells
  • Adherent cells and cells in suspension

Simple to use
PolyMag is very easy to use:

  • Add nucleic acid to PolyMag
  • Add the nucleic acid-PolyMag complexes to cells
  • Incubate the culture vessel on the magnetic plate
  • Remove from magnetic plate and process as usual

List of Cells Tested

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Highly efficient
Thanks to the efficiency of Magnetofection technology, PolyMag is highly efficient even with low doses of nucleic acids, saving you time and money.


PolyMag can be used for transfection of numerous cell types.

Cells lines

Primary cells



Polymag is adapted to all nucleic acid types: plasmid DNA, RNA, siRNA, ODN, ...



Ordering information

100μl of PolyMag reagent is sufficient for 100 transfections with 1μg of DNA or 1000 transfections per 96-well plate.
NOTE: As for all Magnetofection reagents, PolyMag requires an appropriate magnetic field. Two magnetic plates especially designed for Magnetofection are provided to exert this specific magnetic field. The special geometry of one magnetic plate produces a strong magnetic field that is suitable for 96-well plates (cat. # MF10096) and the other one (cat. # MF-10000) is suitable for all culture dishes.