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EosFP and IrisFP Photoconvertible Fluorescent Protein

VS-FLP10040 - pmEosFP (Thermostable), lyophilized DNA


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mEosFP (Thermostab)

Thermostable, Photoconvertible Fluorescent Protein


  • Optimized for functional expression at 37oC
  • Photoconvertible fluorescent Protein
  • Tracking of cells, compartments and proteins in living cells


mEosFP (Thermostab) is an advanced variant of the green to red photoconvertible fluorescent protein EosFP. The marker was optimized for functional expression at 37°C, especially in fusion with other proteins.  mEosFP (Thermostab) retains the monomeric nature of its predecessor and shows excellent performance in fusion even with demanding partners such as tubulin (see figure below). mEosFP (Thermostab) can be efficiently converted from green to red by a light pulse at wavelenghts between 360nm and 430nm. Nuclear localization of the recombinant signal-binding protein mEosFP (Thermostab) and tubulin-mEosFP (Thermostab) is shown in the figure below (bottom left and center). Subsequently the protein of interest can be tracked by the red fluorescence of the photoconverted form of mEosFP (Thermostab). The marker protein can also be used to study cell movement, eg during embryonic development (figure, bottom right).



Cat. #DescriptionAmount
VS-FLP10010pwt-EosFP, with mitochondrial targeting signal, lyophilized DNA10ug
VS-FLP10020pwt-EosFP, FLAG®-tagged, lyophilized DNA10ug
VS-FLP10030ptdEosFP, Flag®-tagged, lyophilized DNA10ug
VS-FLP10040pmEosFP (Thermostab), Flag®-tagged, lyophilized DNA10ug
VS-FLP10050pmIrisFP, Flag®-tagged, lyophilized DNA10ug