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Protein Gel/Blot Detection

PB01 - Perfect-Block Blocking Agent, 100g



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Perfect-Block was developed to improve the sensitivity of standard protein detection systems and to increase signal-to-noise ratio values in various research applications such as Western blot, ELISA, gene-chip technology or coating of surfaces. This product consists of highly purified gelatin proteins in superior and pharmaceutical research quality. Perfect-Block can be used as a blocking reagent in standard detection systems without altering the protocol. Perfect-Block has been tested in several applications using different protein samples and various protocols. A standard Western blot protocol is provided.

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  • Better blocking capacity than BSA
  • Virtually no background in Western blotting
  • Increases signal-to-noise ratio in ELISA
  • Solubility guaranteed up to 50% [w/v]
  • Free of fat and carbohydrates


  • Western blot /Dot blot
  • ELISA and surface coating
  • Gene-chip technology (replacement of acetylated BSA)


  • Perfect-Block, 100g

Other Sizes Available: 500g