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NICE® Expression System for Lactococcus lactis

ELK01000-02 - Nisin Kit


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NICE® Expression System for Lactococcus lactis

The effective & easy-to-operate
NIsin Controlled gene Expression system

Controlled gene expression in L. lactis
an emerging alternative for recombinant protein production


  • Expression of membrane proteins
  • Tightly controlled gene expression allows production of toxic proteins
  • Secretion of proteins into the medium
  • Less endogenous and no exogenous proteases
  • No inclusion bodies
  • No spores
  • Endotoxin free food grade expression system
  • Simple fermentation, scale-up and down stream processing

Areas of application

  • Over-expression of homologous and heterologous genes for functional studies and to obtain large quantities of specific gene products  
  • Expression of prokaryotic and eukaryotic membrane proteins
  • Protein secretion and anchoring in the cell envelope
  • Expression of genes with toxic products and analysis of essential genes
  • Metabolic engineering
  • Large scale applications
  • Production of exo-polysaccharides
  • Production of ingredients through metabolic engineering: e.g. alanine, folate, diacetyl
  • Preparation of L. lactis as a biocatalyst by expression of a suitable enzyme as e.g. dehydrogenases and in-situ co-factor regeneration
  • High throughput screening for enzyme evolution or enzyme comparison.

Description of Nisin Kit:  The Nisin Kit contains 50mg Nisin and 1ml of 5% acetic acid.