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Magnetofection magnetic transfection

LM81000 - NEW! LipoMag Enhanced Magnetic Transfection


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What do you get when you combine the efficient lipofection reagent DreamfectTM Gold with our powerful MagnetofectionTM technology: The new LipoMag Kit

This new kit contains both Dreamfect Gold transfection reagent and CombiMag Magnetofection reagent for superior transfection efficiency and superior transgene expression. First the DNA (or RNA) to be transfected is combined with DreamFect Gold to produce DNA-DreamFect Gold complexes (lipoplexes). The lipoplexes are then added to CombiMag magnetic nanoparticles to produce new complexes (consisting of the lipoplexes and the magnetic nanoparticles). The DNA-DreamFect Gold-CombiMag complexes are then added to the culture vessel containing target cells (primary cells or cell lines), which is then placed on a magnetic plate (Magnetofection Super Magnetic Plate). The magnetic force exerted upon the magnetic complexes then drives the nucleic acid vector towards the target cells and allows the vector dose to get concentrated onto the cell within minutes. The DreamFect Gold then works its magic, delivering the vector into the target cells and providing superior trangene expression.


Mean Fluorescent Intensity after transfection of Hela cells with GFP


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* A Magnetofection Magnet is required, if your lab does not already have one then the LipoMag Starter Kit is the most economical way of getting started. The magnet can then be used with any of the OZ Magnetofection reagents.

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