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Mobicols & Lab Columns

SCO000 - MobiSpin Mini Spin Column prefilled with Gel Filtration Matrix, 20/pack



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MobiSpin Columns prefilled with gel fitration matrix of your choice.

  • Mini Spin Column with 10μm pore size filter
  • Capacity: 800μl
  • Filled with gel filtration matrix of your choice: S-200, S-300, S-400 or G-50

  • Can be centrifuged in a 1.5ml or 2ml tube
  • Fits all common centrifuges

Applications with gel filtration matrix:

  • Removal of unincorporated dyes or dye terminators
  • DNA purification prior to sequencing
  • Removal of free nucleotides
  • Oligonucleotide purification after synthesis