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Mobicols & Lab Columns

M1002 - *Mobicols*, the 1ml columns that can be centrifuged, 50/pack


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These incredibly versatile 1ml columns are an indispensable addition to every lab. They are compatible with sample sizes from very small volume to very large volume, and can handle small or large wash buffer volumes.


USE AS A MINICOLUMN: Featuring Luer-lock connectors on top and bottom. Using the Luer-lock connector, a syringe can be connected to the top of the Mobicol as a reservoir for sample of buffer application. For larger reservoirs, a Luer-adaptor is available to attach tubing to the top cap.


USE AS A SPIN COLUMN: Place a Mobicol in a 1.5ml or 2ml microtube and it can be centrifuged as a spin column.


Mobicols are supplied with 2 caps and a plug for the outlet. One cap is a Luer-lock cap and the other is a screw cap. Mobicols can be closed tightly with the screw cap and plug.

NOTE: Filters must be ordered separately, see Options at the top of the page. You will require small filters for the bottom of the Mobicol, as a support for your gel or resin. The small filters are available with 3 pore sizes: 10um, 35um, or 90um. Choice of pore size depends on the diameter of the resin particles/beads. If unsure, the 10um pore size is the safest choice. Optional large filters are available for the top of your resin, also in 10um, 35um, and 90um pore size.