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MoBiTec Fluorescent Dyes

MFP-A1235 - MFP488 Protein Labeling Kit, 3 reactions x 1mg protein


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The newly developed MFP dyes are an ideal and cost-effective alternative to currently existing well-known fluorophores such as Alexa Fluor® or the Cy labels. They can be readily used to label biomolecules (e.g. antibodies, peptides or nucleic acids) very efficiently. They are of exceptional high quality and performance.

MFP488 compares favorably with green emitting fluorophores such as Alexa Fluor® 488, Cy2 and fluorescein.

MFP488 is brighter than fluorescein, much more photostable, water soluble and pH insensitive over a broad range (pH 4-9). The brightness, quality and properties of MFP488 are comparable with Alexa Fluor® 488. Exc./em. maximum: 501/523 nm.

For efficient protein labeling we offer the ready-to-use MFP488 Protein Labeling Kit. This new protein labeling kit provides a convenient tool for labeling your specific protein with MFP488. Each kit contains sufficient material for 3 labeling reactions of 1mg of your protein.


  • Convenient - Very simple protocol
  • Ready-to-use - All buffers and purification columns are included - no equilibration necessary
  • Fast - Time saving procedure
  • Quality control - Premeasured reactive dyes
  • Advantage of commonly used protein labeling kits - Spin columns for buffer exchange and protein concentration are included!

Components: Reactive MFP488, 3 vials; Coupling Buffer, 500ul; Washing Buffer, 10ml of concentrate; Purification Columns, 3; Ultrafiltration Cartridges, 3; and Protocol