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LPS Extraction Kit

17141 - LPS Extraction Kit


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LPS Extraction Kit

Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is a major constituent of the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria. Some LPS is disease-causing endotoxin; it is also important in classification of serum types. The commonly used method for extracting LPS is the hot phenol-water extraction method which is complicated and time-consuming. Our LPS Extraction Kit is designed for rapid and convenient extraction of LPS. It even enables LPS extraction from a small volume of bacterial cells.

LPS Extraction Kit Characteristics

  • Takes only 60 minutes to extract LPS
  • Gives reproducibly high yields of LPS

LPS Extraction Kit Applications

  • LPS extraction from bacterial cells
  • Distribution of bacteria by LPS patterns
  • Studies on the immunostimulatory effects of LPS


The yield of LPS extraction is proportional to volume of culture. The yield of LPS is at its maximum when 5ml of culture is used. The optimal culture volume is 5ml at OD600 of 0.8-1.2.

PACKAGING: 100 extractions per kit.