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Mobicols & Lab Columns

S10100 - Laboratory Columns, 2.5ml, 5ml and 10ml, 20/pack


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  • Luer-lock connectors at both sides for connecting e.g. syringes or stopcocks
  • compatible with laboratory standard
  • tight up to 4 atmospheres pressure
  • can be closed tightly with Luer-lock closing cap
  • smallest and largest volumes can be treated easily
  • requires lower filters with 10 m, 35 m or 90 m pore size (see below)
  • upper filter (used on top of the matrix) available separately (optional, see below)
  • can be centrifuged and autoclaved (with filters at 110C)
  • 2 one-way stopcocks in each package of 20 columns
  • Luer adapters available

When ordering, you must choose the pore size of the desired lower filter, there is no extra charge for the lower filter.You may also choose to order an upper filter to go on top of your matrix, this is optional and there is an extra charge for this.A Tubing-to-Luer-lock adaptor is also available forconnecting a reservoir to the column.