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Genomic DNA Isolation

17361 - i-genomic BYF (Gram +ve Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi) DNA Extraction Kit


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Intron's i-genomic series of DNA extraction kits provides a comprehensive solution to all your DNA extraction requirements.

FEATURING the 4-28-260 Solution

  • 4 types of kits available
  • 28 protocols provided
  • 260 samples optimized

Catalog #DescriptionApplication
17341i-genomic CTB KitCells, Tissues, Gram (-) Bacteria
17351i-genomic Blood KitBlood, Plasma, Serum, Buffy Coat
17361i-genomic BYF KitGram (+) Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi
17371i-genomic Plant KitLeaf, Root, Stem, Seed etc

Pure DNA extracted by the i-genomic series of kits is eluted in low-salt buffer or water, ready for PCR, RAPD analysis, AFLP analysis, RFLP analysis, Southern blotting, microsatellite analysis, SNP-genotyping and quantitative real-time PCR.

The i-genomic BYF DNA Extraction Kit provides a fast and easy way to purify DNA from gram positive bacteria, yeast, fungi and fungal tissue. We provide 4 different protocols optimized for specific applications. A comprehensive user manual is included, showing results and optimization for 20 different samples.

Each kit contains sufficient material for 50 extractions/purifications including: Lysis Buffer, Binding Buffer, Washing Buffer, Elution Buffer, Spin Columns, Collection Tubes, RNase A, Proteinase K and Lysozyme.