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12011 - Genelator in vitro Transcription/Translation Kit, 25 reactions


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The Genelator in vitro Transcription/Translation Kit (Cell-Free Protein Synthesis) uses highly productive E. coli lysates which contain all the required transcriptional and translational machinery components (chaperones, ribosomes, ribosomal factors, tRNAs, aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases, etc) as well as T7 RNA polymerase. It is a coupled transcription-translation system that can be used to express full-length proteins from T7 or E. coli promoters in a single -step reaction using supercoiled plasmid DNA as template. The Genelator kit can synthesize up to 600ug/ml biologically active protein within 60 minutes. The amount of protein synthesized increases linearly with increased reaction volume - thus the synthesis reaction can easily be scaled up to produce mg amounts of protein!

Genelator is superior to conventional cell-free protein synthesis systems with respect to enhanced soluble production of aggregation-prone proteins. That is because Genelator is prepared from genetically engineered E. coli strains which are modified to have enhanced levels of folding factors thus greatly improving the solubility of the synthesized proteins.

The Genelator Kit can be used in conjunction with the F-Detector Cell Free Labeling Kit (Cat. # 12021) for detecting nascent proteins directly in gels using a non-isotopic fluorescence-based method.

PACKAGING: The kit contains sufficient reagents to perform approximately 25 x 45ul reactions. The kit includes Genelator Solution I, Genelator Solution II, RNase-Free water, positive control DNA and a detailed handbook.