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GeneFix DNA Isolation Kits

GSS-00 - GeneFix Saliva Mini DNA Isolation Kit


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GeneFiX Saliva Mini DNA Isolation

These silica column based kits produce the highest DNA purities (A260/280 greater than 1.8 and A260/230 greater than 1.5) and cover efficiently the processing of both small and large volumes in a one batch protocol. The Mini column kit should be used where your volume requirement is 0.5ml to 1ml maximum of raw stabilized saliva and the Midi kit for processing the whole 2ml of raw stabilized saliva from a GeneFix collector, in one batch. Isohelix has also designed and optimized into the protocol other major advantages around reduced and significant yield losses, fewer handling steps and optional ethanol precipitation to increase sample concentration if required. The Midi column is fairly unique it its ability to process 2ml of saliva in one batch. The column design is universal to existing vacuum manifolds and other robotic instruments making it an optional, and potentially, a direct switch for many existing manual and HT applications. The DNA produced from both systems is of outstanding purity - more than suitable for the most demanding of downstream processing applications. 


  • High Purity Genomic DNA 
  • Fully Optimized for GeneFix Saliva Collectors
  • DNA free from trace PCR inhibitors
  • Designed for both Manual or HT Applications
  • Ideal for demanding downstream applications
  • Universal cartridge design
  • Fewer handling steps than other cartridge models
  • Compatible with other saliva collection devices

Catalog Numbers:

GSS-05 - 5 reactions

GSS-50 - 50 reactions