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GeneBlaster enhanced expression

GB20000 - GeneBlaster Kits, 450 assays


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GeneBlaster Kits

GeneBlaster Kits are new formulations of chemicals that significantly enhance and prolong the gene expression levels obtained by in vitro transfection

To optimize your transfection experiments, OZ Biosciences has created GeneBlaster™: an innovative and efficient solution to improve gene expression levels. GeneBlaster™ kits are a set of chemicals designed to get higher and longer transgene expression levels. GeneBlaster™ reagents can be used with synthetic non-viral and viral gene delivery systems such as Magnetofection™ and EcoTransfect™. Since the application of the GeneBlaster™ kits is cell type and promoter dependent, three complementary formulations have been developed accordingly. These reagents offer solutions adapted to your scientific needs and cell sensibilities.

GeneBlaster™ Ruby : developed for adherent cells.

GeneBlaster™ Sapphire : developed for adherent cells, complementing GeneBlaster™ Ruby.

GeneBlaster™ Topaz : developed for suspension cells, especially hematopoietic suspension cells.

GeneBlaster™ Emerald : developed for prolonged in vitro expression in primary neurons

GeneBlaster™ Selection Kit : convenient assortment of the three GeneBlaster™ reagents Ruby, Sapphire, and Topaz to select the appropriate reagent or to work on various biological models.

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