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Genomic DNA Isolation

17231 - G-DEX IIc Genomic DNA Extraction Kit for Cells and Tissues


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Isolate DNA from a single cell to 1gm of tissue with this versatile kit!

Isolate high purity genomic DNA from cells and tissues of all types in less than 1 hour by following a simple protocol: lyse cells; remove protein by precipitation; pellet the DNA and wash; rehydrate the pure DNA (OD 260/280 = 1.9-2.1)

Because this kit does not utilize spin columns, it can be applied to any amount of cells/tissue without affecting the yield. The resulting DNA is suitable for PCR, Southern blotting, probe for cDNA chip etc.

The number of isolations per kit depends on the sample size: e.g. for 2 million cells you get 300 isolations; for 10 million cells you get 60 isolations and for 100 million cells you get 6 isolations.