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Genomic DNA Isolation

17241 - G-DEX IIb Genomic DNA Extraction Kit - BLOOD


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Isolate DNA from 100ul to 20ml of whole blood with this versatile kit!

Isolate high purity genomic DNA from whole blood in less than 1 hour by following a simple protocol: lyse RBC; remove protein by precipitation; pellet the DNA and wash; rehydrate the pure DNA (OD 260/280 = 1.9-2.1)

Because this kit does not utilize spin columns, it can be applied to any volume of whole blood from 100ul to 20ml without affecting the yield, which can be as high as 40ug/ml of whole blood. The resulting DNA is suitable for PCR, Southern blotting, probe for cDNA chip etc.

The number of isolations per kit depends on the sample size: e.g. for 1ml samples you get 60 isolations; for 200ul samples you get 300 isolations; for 10ml samples you get 6 isolations.