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12021 - F-Detector Cell Free Protein Labeling Kit, 20 reactions


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The F-Detector Cell Free Labeling Kit is a sensitive, non-isotopic, fluorescence-based method for the detection of nascent proteins directly in gels after in vitro synthesis with the Genelator in vitro synthesis systems as well as other in vitro transcription/translation systems. F-Detector offers a simple method for rapid detection of protein bands immediately after electrophoresis, without any downstream processing.

The kit utilizes a fluorescence modified tRNA to label nascent proteins in cell-free protein synthesis systems. The label used is 5(6)-FAM with Excitation/Emission maximums of 493nm/520nm. Nanogram levels of in vitro produced proteins can be detected directly from gels using a UV-transilluminator or laser based fluorescence scanner.

PACKAGING: The kit contains sufficient reagents to label 20 x 45ul translation reactions.