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FastMix/Frenche PCR

25411 - FastMix/Frenche PCR (i-StarTaq); 96 tests


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FastMix/Frenche PCR (i-StarTaq)

FastMix/Frenche™ PCR(i-StarTaq™) has maximized sensitivity as well as amplification rate compared to the existing Maxime series. By eliminating the artificial additive, all components are optimized for performing PCR and can be stable at room temperature up to 6 months. Based on the stability which is regardless of effect of circumstances, the product is optimized for diagnosis research.  

All components including i-StarTaq™ DNA Polymerase (dNTP mixture, reaction buffer, etc.) for PCR which are premixed in each tube by ALHP system to minimize cross contamination and heighten reproducible test results. Also the vacuum packaging protects the components from oxidation and humidity to maintain the stability of activity. This product requires DNA template, primer set and D.W. only for performing PCR and gel loading  can be done by gel loading buffer, orange dye, included without any special treatment. i-StarTaq™ DNA Polymerase included in this product function for hot-start in antibody method not by chemical methods to minimize nonspecific amplification and heighten specificity as well as accuracy. This hot-start function is suitable for normal PCR, RT-PCR as well as multiplex PCR and diagnosis research.

FastMix/Frenche™ PCR(i-StarTaq™) has high stability at room temperature and high sensitivity as well as amplification rate. All components for PCR are premixed in a tube to be used for a fast and simple test with various samples.

FastMix Kit including i-StarTaq DNA Polymerase with hot-start function for high sensitivity and specificity

  • High stability at room temperature for up to 6 months
  • Maximized sensitivity and amplification rate: improved amplification rate and sensitivity compared to existing Maxime series and high specificity and accuracy with hot-start function
  • All in one: all components in one tube, direct use for PCR after adding template and primer, and gel loading dye included for Electrophoresis
  • High stability and reproducibility: dried and aliquoted PreMix by Automatic Liquid Handling Platform (ALHP) system and protection from oxidation and humidity by vacuum packaging
  • Optimized product for diagnosis research
  • Various application including cloned DNA, gDNA from human, etc. 
  • Pathogen detection
  • Complex genomic DNA-PCR
  • Complex cDNA template; RT-PCR (2nd round PCR of Rt-PCR)
  • Very low-copy targets
  • Reaction with multiplex primer parts
  • Hot-start PCR
  • Real-time PCR
  • High GC rich, repeat region PCR
  • T/A vector cloning
  • LOH or MSI analysis related PCR, etc