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EP0205 - Endoproteinase Pro-Pro-Y-Pro (Igase), 50μg


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Phenylboronate columns

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  • Highly efficient specific endoproteinase, ideal for FUSION PROTEIN CLEAVAGE
  • Cleaves amino acid sequence N-X-Z-Pro-Pro/-Y-Pro-C (X=preferably Pro or Ser; Y=Thr, Ser, or Ala; Z=preferably Arg or Thr)
  • CLEAVES INSOLUBLE AGGREGATES derived from inclusion bodies
  • Used for cleavage of fusion proteins (e.g. PheBo system).
  • The affinity of endoproteinase Pro-Pro-Y-Pro to Phenylboronate columns facilitates separation of enzyme and substrate after digestion
  • Natural substrate is IgA1

In recombinant protein technology sequence-specific enzymatic cleavage of fusion proteins has become an important application. Endoproteinase Pro-Pro-Y-Pro, a protein of 106 kDa, efficiently processes polypeptides at authentic or engineered sites. Since the endoproteinase cleaves the proline-rich hinge region of IgA1 the enzyme is also referred to as Igase or IgA protease 4. Endoproteinase Pro-Pro-Y-Pro recognizes the amino acid sequence N-X-Z-Pro-Pro/-Y-Pro-C (X = preferably Pro or Ser;Y = Thr,Ser or Ala; Z = preferably Arg or Thr). The highly specific proteolysis can be obtained not only with soluble and purified protein fusions but also with insoluble aggregates derived from cytoplasmic inclusion bodies.

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