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EP0410 - Endoproteinase Lys/Arg-Arg (Kex2), 10U


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Specific serine endoproteinase, ideal for FUSION PROTEIN CLEAVAGE.

Cleaves amino acid sequence N-Arg-Arg/-C and N-Lys-Arg/-C at the carboxyl end.

Suited for protein sequencing and cleavage of fusion proteins with an appropriate recognition sequence.

We are pleased to offer the newly developed endoproteinase Lys/Arg-Arg. The specific serine endoproteinase (universal serine-protease) has a MW of 68 kDa. It cleaves at the carboxyl end of the recognition sequences: Arg-Arg/X and Lys-Arg/X and thus provides new possibilities for e.g. the development of fusion protein systems with alternative cleavage sites.