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RNA Isolation

17310 - easy-spin IIp Plant RNA Extraction Kit (mini-prep), 50 preps



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Intron's easy-spinTM IIp Plant RNA Extraction Kit (mini-prep) is recommended for extracting total RNA from plant tissues. It includes a special component that removes contaminants commonly found in plant tissues such as polyphenolic compounds and polysaccharides.

This kit does not include any alcohol precipitating steps; many kinds of contaminants found in plant tissues co-precipitate withy nucleic acids during alcohol precipitation.

The procedure consists of disrupting the plant tissue in a guanidium based solution to which the special pre-lysis buffer has been added. A brief centrifugation then removes the polyphenolic and polysaccharide contaminants. The supernatant is then passed through a spin which binds the RNA and, after washing, the high quality plant RNA is eluted.